Lauren (_sommeil) wrote in sb_lj_mems,

FAQ: What Are The Rules?

1) You must join the community with the username on which you plan to use one of our layouts.
If you have more than one journal, join with both if you want to use layouts on both. If you want to use the layout on a community you own/maintain, feel free, as long as the journal you join with is the same as the one you maintain with. Please do not redistribute layouts to those outside the community (this includes editing layouts and posting them elsewhere for public use).

2) If you have a problem or question, check the FAQs before commenting.
The most common problems and their solutions are listed in the FAQs on the front page; please read them thoroughly before commenting for help. This saves time, as I do not have to answer the same questions repeatedly.

3) Do not remove the credit link from the layout or claim it as your own.
I put time and effort into making both the coding and graphics for my layouts. Please credit me. Even if you choose to edit the layout, the base coding is still my own and still requires a credit. Thank you.

4) I will not make you a custom layout.
This is a premade layout community — you're free to take layouts as-is or edit them yourself, but as much as I'd like to, I do not have the time to be making custom designs for each person.

5) Do not comment on my personal journal.
It is not necessary to comment on my personal journal in regard to this community. This includes comments regarding joining (just follow the instructions and be patient) and layout problems (read through the FAQs, and comment on the appropriate post here if you need assistance).

6) Enjoy!
Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find something you like. :)
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